Asier Arregi.
Agricultural engineer, geobiologist, senior technician In Prevention of Occupational Risks.
He started experimenting with pendulums and rods more than 15 years ago and nowadays he is a great specialist in habitat remedies in all its wide range: geopathies, electromagnetic fields, energy cleanings, reforms and construction of places, mandalas, etc ...
Passionate about the geometry of the old masters, he applies to the constructions and reforms the knowledge of Sun and Moon Geometry, to give the whole a finishing in vibrations as much in harmony as possible with the people and their surroundings. Always respecting the intuitive creation and tastes and preferences of the customers.

Inmaculada Romero.

Doula, designer, artist, expert in sound therapies with voice and meditations with singing, Thetahealing therapist and above all, highly sensitive person with many years of experience.
She also teaches Paneuritmia courses. A harmonizing dance, ballet geometry that balances the feminine and masculine principles, energies of the Earth and of the Sky.
She coordinates and carries out final ceremonies of harmonization of places, following preferences of the clients; Both housing and local or workplaces. He has developed a system that relates the geometry of the place with different melodies and sounds created in a unique and exclusive way.